Dr. W. Scott Lohner
Scott Lohner, M.D.
Dr. Justin Wilkinson
Justin Wilkinson, M.D.

W. SCOTT LOHNER, M.D. is extensively trained in ophthalmology and specializes in laser refractive and cataract surgery. He started performing LASIK shortly after its FDA approval.

Having served thousands of patients with all types of eye diseases, he finds his greatest satisfaction by helping patients lose their dependence on glasses and in restoring vision that was previously lost.


JUSTIN T. WILKINSON, M.D. is a fellowship-trained subspecialist in the field of cornea, external disease, and refractive surgery. He specializes in cornea transplants, laser vision correction including LASIK, advanced cataract surgery, and ocular surface diseases and infections.

He also provides general ophthalmology care including the management of trauma, glaucoma, diabetes, and more.


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What Patients Are Saying About Excel Eye Center Care

Thousands of patients have benefited from LASIK surgery at the Excel Eye Center. Here are comments from just a few of them.

“Three months ago I made the decision to have LASIK. It was my good fortune to have chosen Excel. Excel's staff and surgeons exhibited professionalism and genuine concern for me as a patient in both the surgery and post-procedure appointments. Any individual who has struggled with glasses, contacts or varying degrees of poor eyesight will appreciate the benefits of LASIK. Plain and simple, this procedure allows you to enjoy more of life.”
  —Rosalie L.

“I had heard about this procedure for several years, but I was still skeptical and terrified of it. Everyone at your office and surgery center was patient, kind and supportive. This new vision I have is nothing short of a miracle, and I thank you again for helping me really see.”
  —Tim B.

“I am so very grateful to have 20/20 vision and to be lens free. No more contacts, solutions, cleansing, irritations or pain. No more groping in the dark for glasses. I was able to go scuba diving in the Caribbean and see everything perfectly...without corrective lenses! Only those who have eyesight restored to its perfect state can truly understand how thrilling it is too SEE.”
  —Sandi H.

“I was a little nervous, because I have never had any kind of surgery before, but it was not really like surgery at all. It was quick and painless. There was a little stinging for about an hour after the numbing drops wore off, but that was it. The next day I drove to work, and I was just fine.”
  —Kristi R.

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