Dr. W. Scott Lohner
Scott Lohner, M.D.
Dr. Justin Wilkinson
Justin Wilkinson, M.D.

W. SCOTT LOHNER, M.D. is extensively trained in ophthalmology and specializes in laser refractive and cataract surgery. He started performing LASIK shortly after its FDA approval.

Having served thousands of patients with all types of eye diseases, he finds his greatest satisfaction by helping patients lose their dependence on glasses and in restoring vision that was previously lost.


JUSTIN T. WILKINSON, M.D. is a fellowship-trained subspecialist in the field of cornea, external disease, and refractive surgery. He specializes in cornea transplants, laser vision correction including LASIK, advanced cataract surgery, and ocular surface diseases and infections.

He also provides general ophthalmology care including the management of trauma, glaucoma, diabetes, and more.


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Woman with blue eyes Get The Vision You've Been Waiting For

With special financing from Excel Eye Center, now is the perfect time to consider LASIK.

Take advantage of Custom LASIK surgery with IntraLase at the Excel Eye Center. Not only do you get some of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the state, you also get affordable financing arrangements (on approved credit), with no down payment, and no interest for eighteen months. Find out how much nicer it is to be able to see from the moment you wake up.

Call the Excel Eye Center near you to make an appointment for a FREE LASIK consultation and enjoy the freedom of not wearing glasses or contacts, and get the vision you’ve been waiting for.

For your free initial screening appointment, please call Dr. Lohner’s office at:

Is LASIK Right For You?

If you suffer from myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism, there is a good chance LASIK can dramatically improve your vision. Many patients just like you experience post-operative vision of 20/40, 20/20, or better. Typically, corrective lenses are not needed after LASIK.

We generally recommend LASIK patients be 20 years old or older as the refraction, or the ability of the eyes to focus correctly, of younger patients may still be developing and changing. Adults of any age with healthy corneas and prescriptions that have not changed within a year’s time are considered good candidates for LASIK. A few exceptions include women who are pregnant or nursing. They are discouraged from having LASIK performed as these conditions may also cause changes in refraction. Patients with a pacemaker or diabetes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Due to advances in LASIK technology, many patients who may have been declined as LASIK candidates in the past may qualify for the surgery now. If you are thinking about having the LASIK procedure done to your eyes, use these qualifications as a guideline. As with any medical procedure, however, you should consult with an eye specialist to get his or her personal recommendation.

LASIK does not cure or prevent presbyopia, the inability to see or read items very close up which affects most people beginning around age 40. (Presbyopia is the condition that causes many middle-aged and elderly people to use reading glasses or bifocal lenses.) We are currently working with teams of medical professionals to research procedures that could potentially cure presbyopia.

Why Choose Excel Eye Center for Your Lasik Procedure?
  1. Excel Eye Center has been performing LASIK since 1995, and does all of the pre- and post-operative care personally to ensure the calculations before surgery are accurate and the follow-up care is monitored correctly.
  2. Excel uses the most widely-accepted technology available. The VISX Star 4 with active eye tracker and variable spot scanning is used by Excel’s doctors for LASIK surgery. This technology makes the procedure safe for patients with large pupils, increases accuracy, and enables the laser to stop if the patient moves. Many “discount” LASIK shops use bargain equipment that can’t treat the same range of prescriptions, and which omit important technology upgrades.
  3. All inclusive fee, including one year of enhancements. Our medical services are an excellent value. The fee for your LASIK surgery includes all pre- and post-operative visits and one year of enhancements at no additional charge. Price does not vary, regardless of prescription. Every patient is entitled to the same quality care and personal attention no matter the surgical difficulty.
  4. Excel has an unmatched record of safety and success.
  5. We've been around since 1917, providing eyecare longer than any other practice in Utah. We’ll be here to provide follow-ups and ongoing care, unlike many mall and discount shops that come and go every year.
  6. We’re conveniently located for our Utah Valley patients. With offices throughout Utah Valley (and satellite offices throughout central Utah), it’s easy to visit our doctors and to get the pre- and post-operative care you need.

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